Wallabies warm care force air patient warming system is innovative and customized products of Pharmacle Health Care Inc. Considering Patient Care is Essential Before After and During Surgery.

* Wallabies Patient warming system provides a technologically advanced Warmer to maintain the patient normothermia. The advanced modern Microprocessor warming unit and Micro perforated blankets assist medical experts to be more efficient and effective in treating their patient's hypothermia at Hospitals, Operation Theatres, and Intensive Care.

* Wallabies are almost identical to kangaroos. Wallabies Patient warming system is based on Kangaroo care, is a method of holding a baby that involves skin-to-skin contact. The baby is placed in an upright position against a parent's bare chest.

This wrapping of patient into Wallabies Warming blanket looks very much like a mother kangaroo holding her baby in her pouch.

Wallaby's warmth is a special experience that can help build the bond between patient and Warming System.

Our team involves highly qualified Surgeons, chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Electronic Engineers worked together for last Decade.

Their constant product development now we have achieved as highest quality producer in Force Air Warming System.