Wallabies Warm Care Warming Unite

Dimensions : 260mm×325mm×325mm
Light Weight: 6Kg
Display type : LCD display
Display size : 3.5 inches
Language : English
Input voltage: A.C.220V or 110V
Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum power: 1200VA
Temperature unitCelsius (℃) Fahrenheit (℉)
Fast Temperature Setting35℃/95.0℉ / 37℃/98.6℉ / 39℃/102.2℉ / 41℃/105.8℉
Unique Air volume level: Level 1-8 adjustable
Temperature Control Accuracy : ±1℃ or ±1.8℉;
Warm-up time: ≤ 4 minutes

Butons Volume and alarm volume are adjustable in 8 level, and have a mute function, which can be muted for 2 minutes.

Over-temperature protection function:

Over-temperature protection device, double protection of software and hardware, real-time monitoring of the temperature of the heater over 60°C, hardware forcible power-off protection, to prevent the temperature being too high Double Air Purification Function:- Plasma air purification and Filtergrade: EN779 grade HEPA filtercoton

The warming system has good sound and light alarm function and precise temperature control function of warming blanket, which is safe and reliable. It can alarm when the warming blanket complete high temperature, low temperature, heater, fan abnormality and moreMachine self-check Function: real-time self-check during power-on self-check and warming blanket process